Awards and Publicity

Awards and Certificates

The author and illustrator (if appropriate) of the award winning book(s) will receive a plaque. Honorary winners (if awarded) will receive a certificate. All of the awards will be given on even-numbered years, in conjunction with the DADD conference.

Award winners will be invited to the DADD Conference to receive their award. If agreed upon by authors and/or illustrators, autographed copies will be available for sale at the conference.


Once the awards are announced, press releases and other publicity (e.g., via CEC and DADD web pages and newsletters) will be disseminated. Links to the nominated and award-winning books will be made from the Dolly Gray Award website to the websites of the sponsors of the reward: CED-DADD.

DADD provides bookplates indicating that the books were donated by DADD. Award seals are provided to booksellers and/or publishers to be affixed to the cover of the award-winning books, indicating they are Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award winners.