Committee Members

The Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award is made possible through the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities and Special Needs Project. Additionally, the committee members and reviewers of the biennial award provide countless hours finding, obtaining, screening, reading, and evaluating eligible books, along with many other duties associated with this award. We recognize the contributions of the following committee members and reviewers:
Stephanie Bachand
Mindy Baumgarten
Joan Blaska
Emilie Burrow
Patricia K. Castelli
Heather Collins
Gliset Colon
Karena Cooper-Duffy
Clayton Copeland
Rama Cousik
Annabelle Davis
Christine Deegan
Madison Dyches
Tina Taylor Dyches
Kellie Egan
Michelle Fairchild
Annie Forts
Heather Garrison
Barb Gartin
Hannah Grow
Reed Hahne
Ronna Hassel
Jackie Hauge
Ray Hemachandra
Tess Hilmo
Jim Jacobs
Jennifer Jenson
Jenna Johnson
Karen Kainz

Peggy Kaney
Tracy Koretsky
Melissa Leininger
Nicole Likes
Elizabeth Lilly
Megan McCollow
Kimberly Moss
Joan Mott
Kari Newman
Marci Olsen
Chloe Patethorpe
Cindy Perras
Kelly Perras
Fran Prezant
Kathryn Pole
Emily Posch
Mary Anne Prater
Megan Reeder
Shannon Regan
Sarah Ricks
Tamara Jo Rhomberg
Stacy Scott
Rebecca Spencer
Lauren Taylor
Michael Tunnell
Rachel L. Wadham
Katherine Way
Denise Webb

Dreama Wilson-